Counseling is a process that is focused on alleviating mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and other diagnosable symptoms that impact your daily functioning and productivity. This option is typically a long term process that explores past experiences and it’s impact on your current psychological and mental health. This is a collaborative process in which the client and therapist agree on treatment goals. Counseling packages are focused on intensive one on one services for women that are ready to do the hard work.

Coaching is a process that is goal-oriented and solution focused, as a specific issue will be addressed. This process is for individuals who are considered mentally healthy and their present concern is not the cause of serious mental health issues. Education and motivational skills are utilized to achieve your identified goal. Coaching packages are focused on areas of self-awareness, self esteem and navigating dating again after the experience of trauma.

Masterclasses are self-paced online courses that allow you to work through the material as you see fit.

Please contact me to learn which service is most beneficial for you at this time in your life.

Counseling and coaching services are provided via telehealth (virtually) via encrypted and HIPAA compliant software.

Cost of service varies based on the type of treatment/service needed.

Masterclasses: $197 per class
Coaching services: $400 a month
Counseling services: $1560 for 3 months

Book a consultation to discuss packages further. Payment plans are available on as needed basis.

At this time limited insurances are accepted. When using insurance, please be advised, clinicians are subject to providing insurance companies with a mental health diagnosis. This diagnosis impacts the types and length of therapy you are covered for. When you pay out of pocket, your confidential mental health information remains confidential and is not subject to insurance reports and random compliance audits.

I primarily accept self pay therefore insurance options will be determined based on need. More insurance options will be made available in the future.

List of accepted insurances:

Aetna, Cigna NY, Oscar Health, Oxford NY and United Health Care.

Please be advised my insurance is handled by my Headway coordinator. The coordinator will reach out to you to handle the insurance should you choose to work with me.

Clients are allowed to cancel no later than 12 hours before their scheduled session or they will be subject to the full charge of their counseling session.

For coaching you will be subject to a fee of $50.

Client sessions will be cancelled if client arrives more than 20 minutes late for session. Should client arrive by 20 minutes they are entitled to the remainder of their session time.